• four-a-goemon
  • plage-pors-peron
  • plage-pors-peron-gr
  • pointe-millier
  • pointe-plogoff
  • maison-pointe-mouton
  • porz-poulhan
  • chapelle-tronoen
  • Four à goémon - Menez Dregan

  • Plage de Pors Péron - Baie de Douarnenez

  • Plage de Pors Péron - Circuit GR 34

  • Pointe du Millier - Baie de Douarnenez

  • Circuit GR 34 - Plogoff

  • Pointe du Mouton - Plogoff

  • Porz Poulhan - Plage du Gored

  • Chapelle et calvaire - Tronoën

Chambres d'hôtes Loargann
26 Menez Kerveyen
29710 Plogastel Saint-Germain

Phone:  00 33 2 98 555 203

Do contact us as soon as you know your dates, so as to know the availability of our rooms, preferably by mail using the form below or eventually by phone. Even though we try to maintain the planning to date, new reservations (as well as cancellations) can occur in between and therefore not appear when you look at the site… 

To place a booking directly, go to this page.

We will get back to you as fast as possible.

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