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  • Baie d'Audierne, 11 km of sandy

  • Pointe de la Torche - Plomeur

  • Many chapels

  • Saint-Guénolé

  • Pointe du Raz

  • Le Guilvinec

  • Audierne

  • Pors Poulhan

  • Pointe de Lervily, anse du Cabestan

  • Penhors, sunset

  • Concarneau



We are located in world famous Bigouden Country, one of the cultural centers of Brittany.
Quite close to the magnificent city of Quimper (15 minutes drive), to the port of Douarnenez (20 min), to Pont L’Abbé (15 min), it is also conveniently located in the vicinity of many points of interest in the region such as the seaside resort of Bénodet / Sainte-Marine, Concarneau, Pont-Aven, Locronan, or the Crozon Peninsula, the Armorique Natural Park, the Monts d’Arrées…

If you look at the map, you will see that we are an hour away from Brest, 2 from Rennes and 2 and a half from Nantes; please note that highways are toll free all around Brittany, an exception in France, due to historic and cultural factors.

Whether you prefer sport activities or cultural ones, or enjoy both, there are many festivals (mainly in summer), great museums on many different themes, chapels and plenty of historic sites to visit (including menhirs and dolmens). As far as sports are concerned, the choices again are abundant, ranging from golf, tennis, horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, paddle-surfing, surfing (la Pointe de la Torche being a hot spot), sand yachting, paragliding, kayak and hiking…

Or you can just hang out and have fun at the many different beaches nearby: white sand and pristine environment guaranteed, immersed in nature (a paradise for bird watching) and away from the crowds.
Breathtaking Pointe du Raz, the most western point in France, a great place to hike, is only 40 minutes away, but the nearest beaches, along the Baie d'Audierne (a 10 mile stretch of fine white sand), wild and protected, are located within a 10 minute drive. Penhors for example is reknown for the quality of its waters.

And do not forget to try and taste some of the gastronomic wonders such as Kouign Aman, Far Breton, gâteau Breton, crêpes, and excellent fish and seafood…

So as you can see, there is plenty to see and more to do here, and you will need to stay a few days !